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Every year close to 42,000 people
die in traffic related accidents. The cost of these accidents exceeds $72 billion dollars and results in 1.7 million disabling injuries.

Today's vehicles are the safest ever, drunk driving incidents are down and the use of seatbelts are increasing. Why do personal injuries, deaths, financial loss continue to impact us?

Bruce Leininger during an Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

California Tire Dealer Held Liable for Installing Aged, Recalled Tire; Jury Awards $18 Million in Death of 11-Year-Old Boy.

The invisible danger of aging tires: the U.S. tire industry is aware of the dangers posed by age degradation but has failed to alert consumers.

See what others think of Bruce Leininger's training classes. You might like to hear it from those who find his training very valuable.
Read about Bruce's involvement with the book 'Safe Road Home'
Bruce appears on the Jane Pauley Show.
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